Thursday, July 4, 2013

carmen mooranda

Carmen Mooranda

in-the-process watercolour

Could it be? No! Yes! A bird? A Bee? NO! Behold! A new blogpost! Huzzah!

I  am usually one to revere the masterful memory of cyberspace. Anything one posts into the outside world is meticulously documented down to the second one posted it. When I have problems remembering my own birthday, it is something I tend to admire.

But not today cyberspace. Not today. For today, armed with your brag-ish knowledge of the infidelities of my blogging behaviour, you stare at me with an air of discontent, disappointment and a heavy helping of "I thought as much." Today you inform me, it has been almost two years. TWO YEARS since I last came a knocking on your humble doors of the blogosphere. 11 Aug 2011. Oh the shame.

As a small, slightly wilting olive branch, I offer you a little project that came about as the beginnings of a logo for a dairy company, who also sold produce. Another option was later chosen, but Carmen Mooranda kept giving me those bedroom eyes.

So here she is. The conception, and the still-in-the process-gestation.

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