Tuesday, July 16, 2013

are we there yet?

Family holidays.

When the mere sight of an insignificant landmark resulted in an ice cream trophy.
When the height in in-flight/drive entertainment consisted of eye-spy and an in-depth social survey on a particular demographic's favoured car colour choices.
When the favourite, yet limited selection of cassettes became tests of endurance. Even the wiggles.
When you only realise you need to pee after you've left the last gas station in 200km.
And when 'are we there yet?' were the only four words you ever needed.

watercolour and ink

Here is a little piece for an article about purchasing a safe family car. An aluminium institution of education and frustration on four wheels. Without which we would never have learnt the virtues of patience, public toilets and confectionary rewards.

Voila! Faux published.

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