Thursday, August 11, 2011

a bowl of bonding

Lady and the Tramp just made bolognaise bonding look so darn delicious, i thought i might have a go myself. At least vicariously! (i'm vegetarian.)
This was another 'job' for ACP magazines for an article about how to bond with your new born bundle of baby.

it's about to get messy!

watercolour and ink


Thursday, May 26, 2011

i do, i do, to you & you & you

Recently, in order to keep the likes of me off the streets, out of mischief, and certainly NOT shopping round the black market for a new kidney, the very kind gang at ACP magazines have allowed me to sit in their office, draw, dirty their desk and play pretend illustrator.

A previously published DPS is given to my trembling wee hands, in the hopes that a little watercolour behind its ears, will smarten the kid up a bit.

This spread was for Cosmo Bride, and is about how when you get married, you're not only marrying your man...but the whole family-value package!

previous DPS

watercolour - pre ink

watercolour & ink

& finally....

Ta-Da! it's published!...kind of...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

melodic musings for miro

Ebony & I

This post proudly brought to you by the 'letter'... Melody. Also brought to you by the number two, for the number of illustrations. (And we'll throw in Big bird for good measure too.)

I was merely doodling when this gentleman introduced himself to me...and requested he be brought a piano, some colour (and some cookies.) So here he is.
If you throw him a dollar (or ciggie) , he might sing to you.

check out the ridiculous talent of my compadres right here!

Monday, February 7, 2011

MIRO: the greatest four letter word

Is 7th of feb too late to bring out "happy new year?"
These are the dilemmas one is forced to face when you forget to feed and nourish your blog!

Well 2011 and I began our gentle introduction to one another with the realisation that I have finally finished an Advanced Diploma in Design and Illustration (insert varying degrees of enthusiasm and applause) and capped off 16 years of educational institutions! huzzah!

In order to avoid overwhelming's stomach, this is a bite sized morsel for "the Miro round-up" banner, in which a weekly illustration challenge is set, and must be completed doesn't get...completed.

May the games (and more regular blogging) begin!

(happy new year!)